ribboncutter is the combined efforts of Mentha Nolana and Ibis Sunrosa.
Together we are developing illustrations, videos, music, visual novels, love, and fun.

Mentha Nolana
• Illustration
• Writing
• Animation
• Music

Ibis Sunrosa
• Programming
• Writing
• Photography
• Shrimpule care

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Important notice for Ko-fi.com shop

Orders are prepared and shipped manually by Mentha, and so orders may take anywhere from a few days to a month or two to be shipped.

Please email Mentha at mentha.nmx9a@slmail.me for any questions or requests.

Slot availability:
No slots are available at this time.

I am available for commissioned illustrations.

Currently, all of my requests are handled through Ko-fi.com. If you would like to request an illustration, please read the information and terms below before requesting.

Requests are limited to a certain number of slots, which will open periodically. You can follow @menthalovely on Twitter to see when they open up. Thank you!



Commissions are ordered through Ko-fi.com.

Select your option, include your desired character, scene, and any amount of extra info (the more specific, the better the result). You can attach photos as well.

Payments are done before the drawing is started.

Once payment is received I will message you back to confirm your order and go over the details.

I will message you back through Ko-fi's messaging system, or I can message you through any provided social media links.

Frequent progress updates can be provided, and a full conversation will be necessary to make sure that you get exactly what you're looking for.

Remember that more details = better results! Feel free to get very specific.

If you are looking for something that does not fit into any of the selectable categories, please contact me.

Use of Ko-fi.com isn't entirely necessary, it's more for convenience and clarity for the pricings.

Payments are done through PayPal, preferably. Other options are available.

Message @menthalovely on Twitter or menthanolana on Discord to contact me about drawings more complex than what is offered through the Ko-fi menu.

Preferences and Restrictions

Below is a list of my preferences and restrictions. Most restricted subjects are there because I am not confident in being able to provide a quality image in a reasonable amount of time to the commissioner with those specific subjects. Please do not take them as personal slights.

• Feminine or non-binary presenting characters
• Natural landscapes
• Darker, night-time scenes
• Scenes at eye-level
• Static subjects (characters sitting or standing still)
• Blood and gore
• Furry
• Child or adult age characters
Not OK
• I will not design characters for you
• Real-life people (unless a pre-made 2D translation exists already)
• Erotic character designs or situations
• Masculine-presenting characters
• Non-humanlike characters (example: mecha or animal)
• Infants or toddlers


I am willing to make small corrections and additions for free, but for any large revision I may ask for up to half the commission price to complete it.

If I am unable to complete the commission I will refund you the full amount. In the event you can no longer afford the commission, I may only refund if I have not yet started any work on the piece.

I reserve the right to refuse any commission and refund the payment without explanation.

Once the commission is complete, you are free to use the image on social media websites as you like.

I may ask if I can post the commission to social media, or if I can work on it during Twitch streams.

I do not allow my art, commissioned or otherwise, to be used for non-fungible tokens, digital marketplaces, merchandise, or as part of an AI/neural network dataset.

Please do not use Ko-fi commissions for commercial purposes. Instead, please message me.

Thank you for reading!

Character info

Casa Meja (Second Life)
Super Game Boy border
Mint cursor
Lovelattice stems
the art of medicine PDF

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Mailing list

Super Game Boy screen border
For use with Nintendo DS Game Boy emulators
I have not tested this with any other emulators or systems
Click to download

Mint Fun

Mint Evil
Mint cursor
A Mint cursor .ani file for use with Windows
Created by leg

Click to download
Lovelattice stems
These are the stems for Lovelattice, the first track on medicine

Click to download (95mb)
Casa Meja
A parcel of virtual land created by Merilynn in Second Life with some additions from Mentha and friends
Part of Conejo Island, a community of creators
We are sometimes online, come and hang out!

Click to join
the art of medicine
An art book distributed with medicine in 2017

Click to download
Mint S. Decot
Mint S. Decot
Parasite Loveche
Mint S. Decot
A girl who explores the ghostly town of Foamfield in search of someone she cared for. She lives in a shipping container and records daily video logs about her life and her findings. Strange occurrences seem to follow her everywhere she goes.

Birthday: July 18
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Green
Favorite food: Salmon
Favorite drink: Black tea

Beloved Parasite

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Dr. Ibis Sunrosa
The lone caretaker of the creatures at Sunrosa Care Center. Her abilities are lacking, but she loves all of her children and will do anything to protect them. She has an affinity toward tinkering with any and everything. Often seen working on strange machines and contraptions.

Birthday: February 28
Hair color: Light grey
Eye color: Purple
Favorite food: Mushrooms
Favorite drink: Milk

Shrimpule Research
My Favorite Flower

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Parasite Loveche
A purposeless entity cursed to die and live again repeatedly until the end of time. Her experiences vary between lifetimes, though she's enjoyed her lifetime as a wrestler most. She is married to Mailwash.

Birthday: February 2
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Black
Favorite food: Salt
Favorite drink: Wine

Beloved Parasite

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A friendly and unassuming postal worker who enjoys their job and knows everyone in Foamfield. They are married to Parasite, and determined to rescue her from her curse.

Birthday: June 4
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Black
Favorite food: Hamburgers
Favorite drink: Soda

Beloved Parasite

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